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Augmented Reality-Locations: Your Audience Magnet – Approaches for City Marketing and Environmental Education

3DQR, a pioneering company in the field of Augmented Reality (AR), presents captivating AR-Locations for city marketing and environmental education. We now warmly invite you to our exciting AR-Locations event, which focuses intensively on the combination of AR technology, environmental education, and sustainable urban development. Learn more about the latest trends and developments in the field of AR and let yourself be taken into the world of insects and creepy crawlies by the fascinating exhibition “Small Animals XXL”.

Augmented Reality meets environmental education in fascinating AR-Locations

As a special highlight, the exhibition “Small Animals XXL” awaits you. Here, insects and other creepy crawlies are presented in a breathtaking size and detail like you’ve never seen before. The animated 3D models can be viewed from all sides with a smartphone or tablet – a unique, interactive experience.

Imagine you enter a room and suddenly see a huge honeybee in front of you, busily flying from flower to flower. With the help of Augmented Reality, insects and other creepy crawlies are displayed in impressive size and detail, allowing you to experience these fascinating creatures up close and from a completely new perspective. The animated 3D models can be viewed from all sides with a smartphone or tablet, providing an interactive experience you won’t soon forget.

But the event offers more than just impressive visualizations. Dr. Philipp Unterweger, expert in urban planning and biodiversity, will provide valuable information via video about the possibilities of integrating sustainability and biodiversity into urban spaces. Find out at the AR-Locations event how cities and municipalities can do a lot for our six-legged helpers with simple measures such as flower-rich green spaces, retreat areas, and protected habitats.

The use of Augmented Reality in the event impressively shows how digital technologies can revolutionize city marketing and help sensitize people to important topics such as sustainability and species protection. By combining interactive experiences with solid knowledge, visitors can learn in a playful way while simultaneously developing a deeper understanding of the importance of biodiversity in urban spaces.


The impressive KLIMA ARENA: Sustainability & Augmented Reality in Action

Another highlight of the event is the innovative KLIMA ARENA, considered a pioneer in terms of sustainability and environmental protection. This unique facility impressively demonstrates how state-of-the-art technologies and forward-looking concepts can be used to protect our planet.

As part of the AR-Locations event, the KLIMA ARENA awaits you with a fascinating Augmented Reality installation that puts the building’s innovative energy system in the spotlight. Learn how the building is heated and cooled completely climate-neutral and which technologies are used to minimize energy consumption.

The KLIMA ARENA is thus not only a venue but also an impressive example of how sustainability and environmental protection can be successfully implemented in architecture and urban planning.