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Own Exhibition

Does none of the currently available, finished exhibitions fit your location? Or do you want to develop a completely new, unique AR exhibition based on our technology that can only be seen at your place?​ Then develop your completely new AR exhibition with our AR expert team, our 3D partner agencies and/or our simple DIY tools!

Our established tool for creating and managing AR scenes, easily in the web browser. Generate your own 3D QR codes with just a few clicks and place images, videos, 3D models and many other content in AR on them.

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Edit AR scenes created in 3DQR Studio directly on your smartphone or tablet and create the perfect interplay of virtual elements and real background. Simply download the 3DQR Plus app, log in and edit AR scenes previously created in 3DQR Studio live in the real environment!


Be it for the final touches to your self-built AR scenes or for completely new developments based on your ideas, including conception, design, programming and quality management – our experienced team of AR experts is at your disposal!

Our Packages


5 Locations
  • Still uncertain? Try our AR exhibition on a small scale first.


20 Locations
  • Our most used exhibition size for medium to large locations.


50 Locations
  • Full power with maximum success for large events or locations


  • Write us your special wishes and we will definitely find the right offer for you!