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Augmented Reality: How AR can be used in Marketing

Wie Augmented Reality im Marketing eingesetzt werden kann

Due to the omnipresence of advertising content, consumers are becoming increasingly desensitized. Augmented Reality Marketing, or AR Marketing, is a new advertising technique that allows you to attract the attention of potential buyers through creative and useful content, putting the sales close in the background. Augmented Reality advertising provides a way to allow customers to interact with the product, rather than showing them the advantages on an informative level. A report from “The Event Marketing Institute” and Mosaic states that 74% of all consumers are more inclined to purchase a product after interacting with it. Augmented Reality proves to be a powerful tool in marketing, enabling customers to interact, even with products that otherwise do not allow it, such as real estate.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality, also referred to as AR, is a technology that allows the real world to be supplemented by digital content and information. AR uses computer or smartphone cameras, sensors, and other technologies to insert and integrate digital objects, images, videos, text, and other content into the real world. AR is used in many areas, such as entertainment, education, industry, and marketing. AR offers the opportunity to create a unique and interactive experience for users and to optimize various processes in industry, education, and marketing. AR technologies are constantly being developed and improved, and it is expected that AR will become more versatile and powerful in the future and will be used in more and more areas.

A key factor in Experiential Marketing

The wow factor, also called the “shiny object syndrome,” is a marketing technique that generates a positive product perception among customers by using innovative methods or products. Using Augmented Reality content in marketing, for example, provides the opportunity to enable photorealistic interaction with products that are not physically available. This creates a sense of satisfaction in the customer, as they can have unique experiences or encounters that are inaccessible to others.

AR Marketing provides the opportunity to offer the customer an unforgettable experience and present a positive image with the first brand interaction. In this way, you can take the first step towards strong and lasting customer loyalty.

However, it should be noted that the wow factor creates a short-term purchase desire, which fades after a few days to weeks at the latest. This means that potential customers can indeed be convinced for spontaneous purchases, but for larger and long-term planned investments, the shiny object syndrome has less convincing power.

Long-term enhancement of the brand experience

In order to take advantage of AR marketing, it is important to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that is tailored to the needs and interests of the target group. This can be achieved, for example, by using data and analysis tools to precisely define the target group and understand their needs.

Based on this, AR content and experiences can be developed that are relevant and appealing to the target group. This can be achieved, for example, by integrating AR technology into the brand or product to create a unique and interactive experience for customers.

It is also important to regularly review and update the AR content and experiences to ensure that they remain relevant and appealing. In this way, the benefits of AR marketing can be used without the wow factor

AR Marketing: Faster customer loyalty through early interaction

Enjoyment, also referred to as pleasure or joy, is according to many experts one of the most important emotional values in the consumer experience and thus a main aspect in the decision to purchase products and services. Increasing enjoyment is therefore an important factor in experiential marketing.

Augmented Reality offers the opportunity to integrate visual information and thus increase enjoyment for consumers. With AR, more information can be displayed at a glance, enabling customers to make an informed purchase decision. Information retrieval is also simplified by AR. For example, instructions can be integrated into an AR scene, using which all functions can be quickly and understandably displayed in a short time. In this way, the customer can immediately start using the product without having to study the instructions in detail and immediately experience the joy of the new good.

Produktpräsentation in Augmented Reality

Building brand relationships with emotions in marketing

American author and entrepreneur Keith Ferrazzi wrote as early as 2009 that the information age is changing into a relationship age, “where emotion, empathy, and cooperation are important means to success.” According to Ferrazzi, the intersection of technology and human interaction is necessary, and communication and cooperation must be at the top of the agenda.

The implementation of Augmented Reality for marketing and advertising purposes allows the customer to quickly build a relationship with the brand and product through early interaction. Of course, in a pluralized society, there is no all-encompassing marketing, but AR scenes can be individualized and future buyers can communicate with the product and manufacturer on another level early on. The early interaction and the experience strengthen the connection to the brand and the product.

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