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In the KLIMA ARENA in Sinsheim, we created a unique AR location with our latest tracking, which makes the hidden energy paths visible across the entire site and thus illustrates the future-oriented, climate-neutral construction of the arena.

Visitors can access the augmented reality scene via three different QR codes and see high-end augmented reality via their smartphones or tablets. Photovoltaic system, air tower, ice storage and transformer, the components that are installed underground or on the roof of the system are revealed using our technology. But even the lines, and thus the paths that water and energy take, are uncovered and visitors can see where the electricity from the solar panels flows, for example.

This makes the technology behind the building easier to understand. The viewer can collect additional information about the individual objects and how they work via info panels that can be called up in augmented reality. However, the exact functionality also depends on factors such as the time of year and day, which is why these can also be changed in the interactive environment.

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20 Locations
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50 Locations
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