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Dino City Magdeburg

IG Downtown and 3DQR have jointly launched a new type of AR advertising campaign for Magdeburg’s city marketing and use AR locations to offer visitors to the city center a unique experience.


In Magdeburg, dinosaurs are exhibited in augmented reality, which used to be seen only in pictures and in encyclopedias. Now passers-by can look at the primeval animals quickly and easily with their smartphones. The animated dinosaurs can be viewed from all sides and have been delighting children for several days and awakening the child in some adults.

The IG Innenstadt Magdeburg is an association that was founded to represent the interests of more than 250 entrepreneurs in the center of Magdeburg. In the interests of these retailers, one of the main tasks of the interest group is to ensure the positive image of Magdeburg’s city centre. The AR city marketing campaign is intended to support retail, because what online retailers have gained in the crisis is primarily the loss of smaller shops. The campaign is not only intended to revitalize the center, but also to bring customers back to the shops and restaurants.

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5 Locations
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20 Locations
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50 Locations
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