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Dino City

Bring realistic clock giants to life in their full size at your location - an impressive experience guaranteed.

This is how your location could soon be reported:

“People can be seen everywhere on site, walking around looking at their smartphones and amazed. Screams can be heard and laughter. “It’s huge,” calls out a woman who came with her two children to witness the spectacle. Anyone who sees these scenes without knowing the context can only wonder. Because what all these people see on their smartphones comes from a unique digital action. They are virtual dinosaurs that can be experienced up close with this AR exhibition! “

Bring the primeval giants to your location now — and with it a lot of new enthusiastic visitors!

Our Packages


5 Locations
  • Still uncertain? Try our AR exhibition on a small scale first.


20 Locations
  • Our most used exhibition size for medium to large locations.


50 Locations
  • Full power with maximum success for large events or locations


  • Write us your special wishes and we will definitely find the right offer for you!